Local Community


Children from Nursery Class visit The Wilderness to follow Forest School activities.We have house several Hegehog houses in the area and have worked with the Education Team there in learning about and siting birdboxes donated by members in our Nursery Garden.

Our school along with most other schools in the area belong to a group of schools  known as CASTLE Alliance.This means that we support each other, share staff training and access others expertise. 

The Ginnel Park-We have recently supported The Middletown Association in helping to upgrade the Park and adjoining grassed area by producing some art boards with what skipton means to us. 

We have taken part in the Skipton Gala event for many years. Most recently our float celebrated our 70th birthday. 

We join with Skipton Parish Church School and Skipton Children's Centre twice every year to open our doors for Springwatcha na dAutumnwatch and offer activities to familes based on Nature and the Natural World. In the past we have had visitors from pet charities (and adopted our Guinea Pigs) , petting farm, and creatures such as pygmy hedgehogs,lizards and spiders which we have been able to hold. 

We have a schools membership to east Riddlesden Hall which is a wonderful National Trust property. 

At Christmas time we try to attend as many of the local School Christmas performances as possible-this helps children identify with their sibliongs schools or have a memory of a school they may well transfer to in the following September. Schools we have joined with are Skipton Parish Church School, Christchurch and Waterstreet.

We are looking forward to working in partnership with Skipton Girls High School, Otley Street Nursery School, Gargrave Primary, Skipton Parish primary and  Christchurch Primary on Science work starting in September 2015