Discoverers 2-3 years

Our Discoverers room caters for children from two years to three. Our room is spacious and well planned to meet the needs of our wonderful two and three year olds. We have a real life area where children develop their imaginative skills imitating what they see at home such as pretending to feed the dolls, rustling up yummy treats in the pretend kitchen and dancing round in different hats and using fabric to become whatever they want to be! Our children have excellent fine manipulative skills as they can confidently use tools in the playdough area or develop their finger control as adults guide them as they use scissors to cut and create magnificent art pieces. Our practitioners are highly skilled in challenging and extending children’s thinking as we often plan spontaneously from child-initiated play.

In the Discoverers room we have free flow access to the outdoors where children can self-select what they would like to play with whether that is riding the trikes, carefully walking across the balance beam, reading books in the pixie pod, jumping in puddles or engaging in pretend play with their friends. We are outside whatever the weather! Waterproof suits are provided for our Discoverers children.

We follow the routines children have at home to ensure continuity for both the child and parents, fro those children who still need a nap or rest we provide a designated area throughout the day for them to do so. You will often find a practitioner and a small group of children sat reading stories together in the book area.

In the Discoverers room we provide home learning opportunities such as the library, activity bags and rhyme cards. We encourage children to become independent by allowing them to self- register on arrival, by taking their photo off the board and placing it on their peg. We work very closely with parents on toileting needs as they began to encounter their next stages of development.