Nursery Fees

These are the current fees as set in 2014, although please do enquire for up to date information as fees are subject to change.

The prices include all meals and snacks, however parents are required to provide any bottles and weaning foods.  Special diets are discussed with individual parents.

There is a cost for lunch for funded children and in nursery school.

0 - 2 Years - Childcare

Full day (7.30am - 6pm) £40.00

Half Day (AM - 7.30am/12.45pm or PM 12.45pm - 6pm) £24.00

Short Day (8am - 4pm) £34.00

2 - 3 Years - Childcare 

Full Day (7.30am - 6pm) £38.00

Half Day (AM - 7.30am - 12.45pm or PM 12.45pm - 6pm) £22.00

Short Day (8am - 4pm) £33.00

Nappies, wipes and a standard barrier cream are included.

3 - 5 Years - Nursery School

Additional 3 hour session £10.00

Breakfast club (7.30am - 8.45am) £3.75

Lunch club £3.60

Early tea club (3.15pm - 4pm) £3.75

Late tea club (3.15pm - 6pm) £10.00

Places can only be secured on payment of £100 deposit and we do accept nursery vouchers.

Fees are payable even if your child is absent for holiday or illness.