Our Headteacher Michael Pettavel

I am Michael Pettavel and I have been the headteacher at Brougham Street Nursery School since September 2015. I began my career in 1989 working for Hammersmith and Fulham social services as an unqualified nursery assistant. I qualified as a teacher in 1994 and have taught throughout the primary phase, specialising in the Early Years. I have worked in Early Years Centres and Schools as a Deputy, SENCO and Headteacher. I was also a Local Authority advisor and special needs / behaviour consultant and up to September, when I joined Brougham Street, was the Head at Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre in White City, London for nearly ten years.

I believe that childhood is a special and unique time in everybody’s life that is not replaceable, never forgotten and sometimes in danger of being overlooked. I have no doubt that we need to nurture each and every child in order for them to find their place in our society. Learning should not only be focused on the world outside, it is also means learning about the world inside; where imagination and creativity drive a motivated and ambitious thirst for knowledge. The experiences and relationships that young children have at nursery will influence the rest of their lives. 

I have two grown up children and my wife and I feel that we are realising a long planned dream by moving to Yorkshire.

Please do come in to see me if there is anything that you would like to discuss.

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