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Katie Spencer
Early Years Practitioner- Nursery School

Hello! My name is Katie Spencer, and I am an Early Years Practitioner here at Brougham Street Community Nursery School. I am also pleased to say that I am the Key Person for 'Orange Group'! I have been at Brougham Street since 2020. I began my journey as a student on college placement and on completion of my qualification was lucky enough to be employed as a member of this amazing team.

I am qualified as a Level 3 Early Years Educator. I studied at South Craven School and achieved ten GCSEs in 2019, I then went on to study childcare at Craven College, graduating in the summer of 2021. I have had a love for childcare since I was young, I started baby sitting as soon as I could at the age of 14! I also have experience working with children from birth to eight years. I completed a college placement at Brougham Street, working in all of the classrooms, so I have gained a lot of knowledge for each developmental stage. It was a great opportunity to learn from both the children and from my experienced colleagues. I also completed a college placement at Cononley Primary School (coincidentally the primary school I went too), in the reception class (Early Years Foundation Stage & Year 1) and also class one (Years 1 &2 ). It was great to be able to access hands on training on child development, including the aquisition of early reading and maths skills, supporting children's personal, social and emotional development and learning about communication and language and physical development.

I live in the beautiful village of Cononley and have lived there all of my life. In my spare time I like to sit back and relax either by drawing, enjoying a good TV series or developing my baking skills. My favourite past time is training my dog Benji. I enjoy teaching him new tricks and always love to give him treats! He is the best thing to come home to after work as he always does a little dance when I come through the door!

My main goal is to support your child in the best way that I can and in a way which is appropriate for them, after all, every child is unique. I am always welcome to receive messages, questions and to have a chat if any parent/carer requires one. I love to hear what your child has been up to, whether it’s about what they’ve done at the weekend or what their favourite toy is or current interest.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask me either in person, via email or through Tapestry. I am here to support you and your child.

Katie Spencer